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What are the requirements to be a member of the Illuminati?

For those who believe in the Illuminati order and just want to know a few basic requirements before joining, we’ll see how.

But first we have to talk about this group called Illuminati, I am not going to delve into whether it is real or false, or whether it really gives wealth or not. I will try to present the facts and let you decide for yourself.

What is this group?

According to many conspiracy theorists, the Illuminati are a secret cult that believes in dominating the world, not only that they want to control everything that happens in the world, as they are in many areas of life, including but not limited to politics . , sports, entertainment and others. This is why they can afford to offer countless wealthy members.

But is this really the case?

The fact: According to Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, the Illuminati is a name given to various groups both real and false, Wikipedia goes ahead to tell us the origin of the Illuminati, said it started in Bavaria in Europe, they were founded on May 1, 1776, its main objectives were to free people from superstitions, religious influence in the realm of public life, and abuse of governmental power.

Gradually they were becoming influential, trying to inspire and get people to do their orders, eventually the Bavarian king had to ban their activities, the king felt threatened by what the king forbade them.

Some say this caused the Illuminati to go underground, they swore they would never be humiliated again, so they set out to control the world by patronizing people to be in a position of power. Whether this is true or not, one thing is certain, the Illuminati successfully planned the French Revolution which lasted from 1789 to 1799, which led the French to adopt the republic form of government over the old monarchy system.

With the success of the French Revolution, the Illuminati tested it in various countries with varying degrees of success.

At the moment

Currently, the Illuminati are being considered as the fastest means to earn money and power, many believe that many powerful politicians, businessmen, artists, especially musical artists, are part of the brotherhood.

Advantages of joining the Illuminati

There are advantages that people say they will get if that person becomes a member, such as

– Energy

– Fame / Power

– Wealth / money / property


The four things above are what many people think they will get when they join. Enough money to spend, enough fame for one to be hailed as Michel Jackson, elected as Obama, and excel at sports like C. Ronaldo.

When it comes to joining, there are a number of ways someone can join, according to conspiracy theorists. Some say you must allow the secret cult to come to you, others say no, you must go to them. Let me call the people who say you should allow them to come to your group A, and the people who say they go to group B.

For the group that says that you must allow Illuminati agents to come to you, they also say that your actions should attract them to you. Such actions are

– Using their symbols: Make sure to use their symbols on a daily basis. this will really show that you are part of them.

Participate in activities they like: Such activities could be in the form of moral and physical support for whatever cause you perceive to be the Illuminati. For example, the basic principle of the Illuminati is based on the belief of changing the order of words, so if you are a revolutionary, they will surely like you.

This group of people say that whatever you do, that it will entice them to do it, there is a trap that you should not overdo with any activity you participate in. You also shouldn’t physically harm anyone.

The problem with group A opinion is that you can never know if you are doing everything correctly, more importantly, you can never know if you will notice and when exactly you will be accepted by a member. There is no feedback whatsoever.

Enter group B, people who say you should go to them. They say that before you can make them or their agents sick, you must prepare your mind

Have a strong heart: Yes, it takes a strong heart for you to cope with your activities, especially when it comes to sacrifices.

– You must believe: After checking the facts and fiction, you are still convinced that this is real, so you can go ahead and search for them.

The problem is how one actually looks for them, even if this is real. A Google search will turn up a ton of ways to join, these ‘ways’ generally require money. So how do you avoid scammers and really join in? After researching online along with some research, I found out that there is only a little information on how one can join the Illuminati. If they work, I’m not sure.

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