Tekken: Dark Resurrection cheats and codes

Play as Panda

At the character selection screen, highlight Kuma and press Circle. Note: Panda has a different story than Kuma.

Theater mode

Successfully complete Story Mode to unlock Theater Mode.

Command Attack minigame

Successfully complete Story mode twice to unlock the Command Attack minigame.

Gold Rush Time Attack

Successfully complete Story Mode three times to unlock Gold Rush Time Attack.

Tekken bowling minigame

Successfully complete Story Mode three times to unlock the Tekken Bowling minigame.

Stage 0 in Tekken Dojo mode

Successfully complete all six stages in Tekken Dojo mode to unlock Stage 0. In Stage 0, you can fight all downloaded ghost characters whenever you want.

3,000,000 G

Successfully complete the Ranking Tournament at Void Dojo to earn 3,000,000 G.

Heaven dojo

Successfully complete Void Dojo after defeating Ranking Tournament and Jinpachi to unlock the Heaven Dojo.

Jinpachi ghost

Successfully complete the Void Dojo after defeating the Ranking Tournament and Jinpachi to unlock the Ghost of Jinpachi.

Tekken Dojo Gold Rush Mode

Successfully complete the Wind Dojo to unlock Tekken Dojo’s Gold Rush mode.

Tekken 5 opening movie from the PlayStation 2 version

Successfully complete Time Attack mode to unlock the Tekken 5 opening movie for PlayStation 2.

Tekken: Dark Resurrection arcade version opening movie

Successfully complete Survival mode to unlock Tekken: Dark Resurrection’s opening movie for the arcade.

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