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Surface protection for countertops – easy and important

Choosing a countertop is one of the most important decisions homeowners make during a remodel. The countertops are very remarkable and leave a great first impression. They are an integral part of the design aesthetics and design language of a kitchen, and they are also one of the most used parts of a kitchen. In short, having a perfect countertop is a vital component of any kitchen or bathroom remodel.

In addition to being important to the design and functionality of a kitchen, new countertops can be extremely expensive. Granite countertops generally cost at least $ 50 / sq. Ft., Before installation cost is taken into account. Quartz countertops are now a popular choice for remodels, and they’re even more expensive, typically $ 75 / square foot. With both design and practical financial importance at stake, protecting countertops during construction and remodeling jobs with surface protection is an easy decision to make.

During construction, it is common for interior finishes to be damaged and require repair or replacement. Countertops are not alone in this regard; cabinets and floors are also frequently damaged. However, unlike a wooden cabinet or ceramic tile, high-end countertops generally cannot be repaired if damaged. This makes protecting them from damage and blemishes so important.

Fortunately, the countertops have an extremely easy-to-protect finish. When using custom countertop protection products such as TackGuard adhesive wrap or traditional countertop films, it only takes one person a few seconds to wrap a protective countertop. These countertop protection products keep the finished surface clean and scratch-free for the duration of a project.

Other more general surface protection solutions can also be applied to countertops. Multipurpose Protecta-Foam offers foam-cushioned impact resistance and a lightweight adhesive that removes cleanly when the project is complete. Although originally designed for custom cabinetry, Protecta-Foam is an increasingly popular countertop protection. Floor protection products like Surface Liner Vapor and RamBoard can also be cut and used to wrap countertops with protection.

Wrapping a countertop will protect it from minor tool damage, liquid marks, and will prevent scratches left from other construction debris. Preventing construction debris, nails, pieces of wood, dust, drywall, etc., from resting on a counter is the most important precaution to take. If residue is left on a countertop, it is very easy for scratches and blemishes to form. Additionally, wrapping a countertop with surface protection speeds cleanup and ensures a flawless countertop when construction and remodel work is completed.

When working with such an expensive and important interior finish, the decision to use an easy and affordable surface protection is straightforward. Preventing damage to the surface of a workplace reduces construction time and costs and ensures that a home is perfect when handed over to the owner.

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