Steps to recover after being fired

Getting fired can lead to huge feelings like shame, worthlessness, self-pity, shame, and depression. It’s no wonder being fired is like losing your identity because we identify with our work. If you want to have a successful career, you must recover better and stronger than ever. Always remember that no one is going to hire someone who feels sorry for themselves. Here’s the 7-step plan to get your head back in the game:

Heal your wounds

It wasn’t your dream job, but losing your job can be a huge blow. You cannot start looking for work as soon as you are laid off because you are full of shame, anger and judgment. The daily routine he was used to, the interactions with colleagues, the sense of purpose he had, it’s all gone! Allow yourself a moment to cry. Go ahead, let it out.

Comparing deaths

This is not the right time to compare your miserable life with the happy life of others. Being envious of all the seemingly happy people on your Facebook feed will hasten your troubles and set you back. Therefore, do not compare your situation with that of others because it will only end in deep despair. And that’s not the way to go on. Look ahead, as a better opportunity is knocking on your door.

Loss can be an opportunity

It may sound strange, but turn the loss of your job into an opportunity. Read the inspiring stories about people who failed terribly and how they turned out to be winners. When you meet failure, success knows best. Getting fired can be a data point that you can use to make a better decision. Prosper for a better future!

Do an autopsy

You have to review what happened to see if something could have been done. Find out the reasons for your dismissal. This step is not to blame people, but to learn something from it. Getting fired certainly means that you probably have something to work on. Know what your flaws are and how to overcome them. Recheck employer reviews for a real picture.

Know your worth

After a blow to your ego and your self-esteem, it’s time to stop sulking and get high. Now the focus should be on what you bring to the table. Just because you’re fired doesn’t mean you accept an uninspiring offer or land a job you were less interested in. You should have an answer to the question about why you left your previous job. Frame it in the best possible way without being dishonest.

Find the job you want

Now that you’ve gotten over the layoff, bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to go. Do you want to stay on the professional path you are on? Or do you want to bring some change? Adapt your resume and stay up to date.

Get out there

You’ve already done a lot of introspection and required an update, you’re good to go. Think positive. You will surely achieve success.

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