StarCraft 2 racing comparison

If you are new to StarCraft 2 or maybe just curious about the other races after hanging out with one for a while, it is important that you understand the StarCraft 2 race comparison to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each one and be able to decide which race. . suits you best given your style of play. This is the full StarCraft 2 racing comparison.


The first race to be covered in this StarCraft 2 race comparison is the Earth or Human race, which is a powerful race that hits hard and deals damage through brute force. This is usually the option for newer players because it is the easiest to learn for a number of reasons, one of which is the obvious fact that the names of units and buildings are self-explanatory in terms of what they do in compared to the other races. An advantage of the Terran is that while they are the most basic race at first with the Marines and Marauders, they can be said to become the most diverse race at the intermediate and later levels of a game in terms of combinations. and what the other two can do.

Strongholds: can repair buildings and vehicles, can build structures anywhere, good defense and mobility, invisibility detection and camouflage, sensor towers see enemies through the fog of war, have destructive nuclear warheads, buildings rise From the ground, medics can heal both in the air and well in transport, heavily armored and with strong siege capabilities, reapers can go up and down the ground, supply depots can be submerged underground.

Weaknesses: More unit micromanagement is required, buildings burn to the ground in poor health, bunkers require a lot of resources and manpower, although they are effective for defense.


Next to mention in the StarCraft 2 racing comparison is the Protoss, a race specializing in power and Psy technology. A big advantage of the Protoss is that one probe can build multiple buildings at once, saving you from having to build multiple units to build a base. Zealots and Stalkers are starting units in the game that are likely to be the strongest of any race at first. The ability to “Chrono Boost” any building speeds up the production of its units and warping once you upgrade Gateways to Warpgates is extremely useful for moving units quickly. Another good option for beginning players.

Strongholds: Probes can build multiple structures at once, buildings deform to come into play, powerful defensive units, regenerative plasma shields, can use warm prisms as a substitute pylon array, colossi can move up and down the terrain, They can use mothership skills for powerful defense, photon cannons can attack ground and air and detect invisible units, they can warp units using warpgate for rapid deployment.

Weaknesses: expensive / long construction times, buildings must be placed within the psionic array, limiting where it can be built, buildings become disconnected from the array, colossi are susceptible to anti-aircraft attacks and heavy vespene consumption .


The last race to mention the 3 in this StarCraft 2 race comparison is the Zerg, which are the hardest race to start, but can be extremely powerful once you get a better understanding of their mechanics. This is a swarm race where your strength lies in numbers rather than individual powerful units. The biggest advantage is that the units are cheap and can be built quickly and with a good understanding of macro capacity, you can expand and grow your economy quickly to support continuous high production of units with which to overwhelm your opponent in numbers. . .

Strongholds – Units build quickly and cheaply, all ground units can dig underground, Infestor and Roach can burrow and move underground, Hatchery builds 3 units at a time instead of 1, units heal automatically when in creep, the overseer can detect and transport when mutated, defensive zerg structures can be uprooted and moved, zerg gain 30% speed while creeping, the ability to instantly transport all units anywhere using the Nydus worm, the Overlords provide supply, they can create creep and fly.

Weaknesses: because the units travel in hordes very close together, they are especially susceptible to all kinds of splash attacks, thus destroying your entire force at once if you are not careful, the units are weak, buildings must be built on creep, drones get lost when creating new buildings.

One final note, if you’re new to the game, stick with one race and master it rather than spreading your game across all of them, as it’s much more important to be cool with one than well with 2 or 3, allowing you to be what. most competitive and successful possible. Once you’ve mastered a race, take some time and play with the other 2 to form your own hands in the StarCraft 2 race comparison, as this gives you an idea of ​​how your opponents use that race so that you can attack and better defend yourself from your enemies. opponent regardless of the race they choose.

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