Smart solutions for small spaces

Limited space has made apartments all the rage in India, offering a simplified and minimalist approach. Life with micro lifestyles has captivated the minds of the millennial generation, with creative solutions that transform small spaces and make it possible to live large while living small. Maximize space to make your apartment feel spacious and cozy. Here, we present some smart solutions that would be ideal for small spaces living in apartments.

Keep it neutral

Trick your view into thinking the apartment is more spacious by adding calm, even tones. A cheerful color, like pale turquoise, is a good idea to create a happy atmosphere in a small room.

Be resourceful

When space is limited, limit the purchase of new and bulky furniture, such as cabinets and walk-in closets that take up a lot of floor space. Buy just a few pieces of furniture on a large scale to make the interiors more grand. Don’t stack all your furniture against the walls because the space behind the furniture makes the room appear wider than it is. Be resourceful about using all surface space, even a window sill, for d├ęcor, lighting, and other essentials when there’s no room for an extra table.

Opt for openness

Separate rooms with sliding doors that have glass windows that allow light to flow throughout the space while creating separation. And even better, they slide right into the wall when not in use, taking up much less space than swing doors.

Use the space on the walls

Mirrors on the walls make your space feel bigger, lighter, and airier. And a convex mirror to add a lot of personality to the interiors. Mounting your TV on the wall like a multimedia console is the biggest waste of space in a small living room. Use wall-mounted open and closed shelving to remove shelving and storage furniture from the floor and on the walls. Another option is to go for a wall mounted desk as it takes up much less space, and you can even mount shelves on top of it for even more storage space.

Multipurpose furniture

Opt for furniture that can serve multiple purposes. Find a table that can double as a desk and dining table, get a deep sofa that can double as a guest bed, or buy cubes that double as a coffee table and extra seating when the guests are done. Buy extra seats that can be folded down and are super compact so you can store them while the guests aren’t done.

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