Review: Tom Hess Guitar Lessons – Is It Worth The Price?

At this point, I’m sure you’ve heard of the popular guitar teacher, Tom Hess. His articles and videos are all over the internet, he even offers music career advice to people looking to get into the music business (something I hope to do myself one day). But does he get results? As a guitarist looking to hone his skills and build some speed, I decided to do some research, and here’s some interesting information I found:

Reviews on Tom Hess Guitar Lessons:

I immediately noticed a review of Tom Hess guitar lessons by Mike Philippov. I’ve seen him play guitar in various YouTube videos, and he can really play. In reviewing him, Philippov speaks highly of Hess and makes a very compelling case: heck, with those kinds of skills, he must be doing something right.

After Google, I tried YouTube. I got a lot of results, but the one at the top was a video with tons of reviews from real Tom Hess guitar students. Many people seem to have really benefited from his lessons, and many of them can actually play.

In the end, I was quite intrigued by all the positive results people were receiving. I found other results with negative things to say about Hess, but they all came in the form of “I can’t stand Hess”, “I hate Tom Hess”, etc. It’s not much for me to continue there, but then again, I tend to steer clear of the blind, vitriolic hate of the internet.

Quick Review: Tom Hess Music Career Mentoring Program

The first Tom Hess Music Career Tutoring Program review I came across was from someone named Lee Gattenby, a guitar teacher in Alaska. He seems like he has built a good teaching business for himself and has released his own music. Not bad… I kept looking…

Below I found what appears to be an interview with Tom Hess on tips for a music career. It’s not so much a review of the music career mentoring program, as Tom is debunking various music career myths. Very insightful though, well worth a look.

In the end, I seem to find a lot of positive reviews for Tom Hess and his shows. I can’t help but be intrigued by this guy. He talks a lot and many people vouch for him. I say it’s worth checking out if you’re a guitarist/musician, but it’s up to you to do your own research. Regardless, Hess is genuinely serious about helping his students…a rarity for guitar teachers.

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