Reasons why you should buy the Datsun Redi Go

Finally, in a few months, the Datsun Redi GO will hit the market. The wait would be over as the model will launch in June. While the car may look simple from the outside, it actually comes loaded with many features that you have never imagined.

Attractive exteriors

At first glance, the appearance may be appealing to you despite minor cosmetic changes. Aside from the color options, you will be surprised to see the wheel caps and body accessories. The rear parking sensors would help you park the model safely even when the area is crowded. While that’s the case, the futuristic-designed headlights offer plenty of light. You can remain carefree when it’s dark and when you have to drive all night. Accidental bumps could never be a part of your worries. Dealing with obstacles or inspecting the chassis becomes easier with the 185mm ground clearance.

Fabulous interiors

The excitement with the Datsun Redi Go begins when you’re ready for the long ride. The interiors offer enough space to store everything you want. The space can be expanded by folding the rear seats easily. Silver accents add to the sophistication and always lift your spirits day after day. An entirely new driving experience is what you can expect with the Datsun Redi Go. The driver’s seat is designed for comfort and pain relief during long-distance travel. While the lumbar supports reduce stress, the back is supported by seat bolsters. In general, even when it is a bumpy road, the model helps maintain the condition of your neck and back. Lastly, the fabric exudes a vibrant look and allows you to feel comfortable with a zig zag pattern.

High performance

With I-SAT (Intelligent Spark Automated Technology) as one of the Datsun Go’s specifications, your driving experience is sure to go to the next level. Depending on the power and fuel quality, the engine adjusts the spark timing. Therefore, even when driving at high speeds, you will see smooth performance while traveling. There will be no bumps or squeaks until you have reached your destination. The 799cc engine generates enormous power to propel the vehicle. Not only that, on the road you can expect a mileage of 25.17 kmpl.

Safe to drive

Finally, the RCPS (Reinforced Crash Protection Shell) protects everyone, even when you’ve inadvertently crossed a speed brake. Since the impact is absorbed, passengers can still remain comfortable with nothing serious ahead. PABs (Performance Enhanced Brakes) respond quickly once the brake pedal is depressed. The airbag would keep the driver safe when the inertia would hit the head against the steering wheel. The 5-speed gearbox also gives you the confidence to control the vehicle the way you want. You can prepare only when the situation calls for it.

In the end, you have to trust Datsun who expected to lead many other models in the competition. But, with engine options and a lot of other things, you’d see a showroom price increase for the Datsun Redi Go. The model is sure to be a visual delight for everyone who loves to drive.

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