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Penis Enlargement ANSWERS: 3 Frequently Asked Questions About Enlargement, Stamina and Staying Away From Home

Do penis enlargement pills work? How long does it take to see results? What about jelqing, stretching exercises, or other natural male enhancement techniques? Does diet play a role in optimizing my size and an overall healthy sex life? If not, why not? Do any of these questions sound familiar to you? If so … this article was written with YOU in mind!

Question no. # 1: how long does jelqing take to work?

How quickly will I get results from the penis lift exercise? Does jelqing work quickly? What is the best way to make an erection bigger, without having to wait a long time for results?

It usually takes 2 to 4 weeks for Jelqing to see results. There are no “overnight” profits, and anyone who tells you there is is probably trying to sell you something that is not working.

The good news?

You will feel the difference from doing the jelq after just a week or two, and you will notice an increase in the size of your erection in roughly the same amount of time. (in other words, while the gains may not look much different on the outside, you will notice a greater firmness and hardness in your penis, especially during intercourse or when erect)

Question # 2: What can I eat to enlarge my penis?

This is a question that comes up quite often. The good news? You don’t need to buy expensive supplements, secret herbs, or ingest unusual ingredients to enhance your erection size, but to enhance your staying power as well. The best diet for a larger male anatomy? Foods rich in phytonutrients, oily fish, certain antioxidants and, in general, diets conducive to better cardiovascular health, will have great benefits for your overall physical condition.

Why is this true? Because the size of the erection is highly dependent on optimizing blood flow. And certain foods are naturally good for increasing oxygen in the blood, expanding blood vessels, and improving circulation, too. This simple “trick” can improve erection size and strength by up to 25%, especially for men with a previously poor diet.

Question no. 3: Are there any legitimate pills or products that increase my penis size?

The answer is not going to be popular, but no. There are only 2 proven ways to increase penis size.

One is through phalloplasty or augmentation surgery. The other is natural exercise, in combination with diet. There are pills that can improve sexual stamina, for example, but they won’t make a difference in the size of your penis. There are pills that can help you maintain an erection temporarily, but they do not have a lasting effect on length, girth, or girth.

The only way you can change your anatomy is to stretch or change the underlying tissue, period! (And the only way to do THAT, like any other change you want to make to your body, is by exercising your muscles, stressing tissue, and changing your body with effort and intention through exercise.)

The bottom line?

There are many myths, misinformation and wrong advice in the penis enlargement and male enhancement industry that is harmful and harmful to consumers. Knowing what works and what is “soft” science is the best way to arm yourself with the RIGHT information and avoid wasting time on techniques that won’t work. (and they are often too expensive, questionable, and often dangerous too)

What has been YOUR experience with PE products? Have you tried something that worked well for you? Feel free to share your own journey from little to superhuman so that other men will be inspired by your story and can achieve the same great achievements. (No gurus required!)

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