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Nokia N-Series N79 Gets New Color Variant: Nokia N79 White Edition

The color variants of mobile phones are not a new phenomenon, however the new Nokia N79 has found company with another in the range that is a bit different.

Rather than simply changing the color of the outer shell, Nokia has gone back a few years to a time when customizing a mobile phone was a big trend, we are only talking about a couple of years ago, but the fashion of buying and change the appearance of the outer fasciae. ready to return in a big way.

The Nokia N79 is supplied with three different colored fascias, also known as Xpress-On covers, depending on the mood of the users, these panels can simply be ‘removed’ and replaced with the color of the users’ choice, the new edition of Nokia N79 White is no different from the original model.

The back panels or fascias of the Nokia N79 come in many different colors, these include: Light Sea Blue, Espresso Brown, Olive Green, White and Coral Red, each Xpress-On cover has an integrated chip that will automatically change the color of the interface. theme accordingly. ie: sliding over the green fascia will change the color of the wallpaper, menu options, and selections to a green theme.

This is a step beyond customizing days gone by and makes for a great USP, if for example you were a girl in town at a nightclub, you could not only match the outer shell color to match that great new dress, but when the N79 turns on, this will complement the look too!

Cosmetics aside, this new N-series phone packs a punch when it comes to features and is a real alternative to the other newer releases in this high-spec range, including the Nokia N96 and Nokia N85.

The latest edition of Nokia N79 White offers exactly the same technology, features and candy bar design as the original model, which is also known as the gray edition.

The Nokia N79’s 5 megapixel camera and Carl Ziess optics allow users to capture moments with astonishing clarity, while the dual LED flash enables quality photos even in the poorest lighting conditions. Geo Tag support automatically records the location of photos, so users see when and where their images were captured.

The Nokia N79 offers built-in AGPS technology along with Nokia’s mapping software that provides instant navigation, on foot or by car, allowing users to find their way to a destination quickly and easily. An extensive database of POIs (Points of Interest) means that new places can be found at users’ location, cinemas, clubs, bars or even ATMs can be found.

The Wi-Fi and high-speed 3G (HSDPA) connectivity of the Nokia N79 allows the user to keep up to date with the latest news, sports, opinions and gossip, as well as fast connections to the neighborhood online: friends, facts and favorites, the User scanning also connects to the web with the Nokia MiniMap web browser, which displays entire web sites as a desktop.

Browse, stream, and download millions of songs from the Nokia Music store; Downloads can be stored on the 4GB microSDHC memory card. 3G services also allow for face-to-face video calls with compatible phones, making communication a bit more personal and easy for professionals.

A relatively new software addition to this range of phones is Nokia lifeviNe, which simply and automatically documents mobile activity by creating unique personal files of what the user wants. Photos, videos, and music can be tagged on a map wherever a user is located and uploaded online to save, search, or share with friends.

The new white edition of the Nokia N79 has initially been made available as a SIM-free device that is unlocked to all UK network operators, this is great news for consumers who may find it difficult to pass strict credit checks. network or may need it. Replace a lost or stolen phone. It also opens up the ability to purchase the N79 as a gift for others, as there is no need to register at the point of purchase.

The Nokia N79 can be classified as a trendy phone, but with the built-in features and technology this phone has to offer, it will be an attractive proposition for busy professionals as well as business users. The Nokia N79 is the first phone designed as a candy bar to be launched from the previous Nokia N82, with the new features and the customization aspect, this phone should appeal to those users who are now looking to upgrade from their previous model.

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