Mama’s blues

Mama, you used to tell me

When I was born my eyes were blue

It’s my limbal ring that’s blue mom

You only caught it once, but it’s always been blue

My eyes were always brown outlined with navy blue

You saw it once through the reflection of a ray of light

When you laid your first eyes on me with new glasses and sight

It’s still the same blue mom

But you can only see it blue

If you saw them with light shining through

Mama, I learned a deep secret of life and I would whisper to you

Mom, you can also learn to see beauty everywhere around you

You talk about those eyes so often

You can’t help but see that it’s beautiful too

You saw them blue for the love of your light radiating through

My eyes were blue under your light because your heart was full

I know you got a glimpse of your own reflection too

You felt so beautiful inside and your heart was so full

That is the secret and gift of life that I want to give you

When your heart is full, would you open new eyes

You would see all the signs and the clues

Mama the secret is to keep your heart full

Mama the skies aren’t always black and blue

If you see the sunrise at sunrise or a sunset after noon

Would you see what i mean

Would you know how it feels

Mama, when you open your eyes at five and look outside

Mama, it doesn’t matter if it’s day or night

You would catch gorgeous shades of yellow-orange light

Sometimes bold streaks of red and even bright dark magenta

Mama you’re going to open new eyes

Mama come play with me outside

There is much more than nuances of hues to be seen

Mama, if you listen enough

Mama, the birds in the trees will sing you a song

Could you hear my favorite melody

Mama, if you lift your head to look at the sky

Mom, you would also see something magical between them

Cause that’s where the secret double rainbow lies

That’s where your pot of gold will start to attract

Mama please wipe your tears and you can see it too

Mama, the rain is going to stop for you

You just have to make sure your heart is full

But mama I have to go now

I’ve been quietly collecting my gold nuggets

I once felt like my heart had a huge hole

For everything they told me

Mom, I’m older

My wasted heart has learned and seen

In the middle of the scorching sun and the freezing cold

Mama, no one can tell me now

How should I prune and fasten

All the wonderful seeds that I sowed

Come take a look at my garden mom

You’d see all the overgrown weeds being pulled up

Now there are only scented flowers

Come take a look at them mom

You would see they are still brown

Surrounded by a dark navy blue ring

Mom, I’ve found out how

So please dry your eyes now

I don’t blame you when your heart is not full

But mama I need to go home now

I have the opportunity to collect my gold

There, wait my love to untangle and contemplate

Has been waiting unconditionally

I finally learned to meet my soul

I finally learned the hard way

That my heart has always been whole

Mama, I hope one day you see it too

Mama you can do that once your heart is full

When your heart is truly complete

The world would be yours to behold

You can find all the rich

You can start mining for gold

But mama, I haven’t seen your heart full since that day

I would keep hearing you say

I used to have them blue

Mama, it’s your heart that isn’t full

Mama, my eyes are still blue

I looked in the mirror today

They are still the same pair of eyes

Mama don’t cry when you don’t see me around

Mama don’t be afraid when you feel sad

When your heart starts to make your world feel small

Just remember those big blue eyes you once saw

Those blue eyes you remembered will sing you a peaceful lullaby

You can find the secret pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Because every nugget of gold inside hides

All the infinite abundance you can have in sight

Mama, I’m whispering the secret to you again tonight

Mama, your heart was unconditionally complete that night

Mama, your heart was full to overflow

You can see your own reflection

The same way you saw those newborn eyes

You were the one who gave me that last clue

Mama, your heart may still be full

Mom, you can see it in your own eyes too

Mama, my eyes came from you

“Mom, I have been silent for a long time,

I was always afraid to say something wrong

So I never learned to practice and play my song.

No one listened when I used to scream and hide

I know how scary that fight and that silence

Completely lose the strength of an exaggerated voice.

Mama, somewhere in this world

I know someone is hurting inside

I can’t keep quiet by hiding out of sight.

I found the words that would start to stop the duel

So the world can start learning the lyrics to my song

Of all the mistakes we have seen, heard and wronged.

The lyrics of my song will bring hope and light

I learned the secret behind writing the lyrics late at night.

You could revive it when you think you’ve lost the fight.

They could break the covered sticks and stones,

On the waking trail of hardened and broken hearts alone

We could start mining these cold abandoned holes.

Mama, healing hearts can come alive to light a spark

Renew life with a new heartbeat from the warmth of sunlight

If I fit the right words to slow the pace, I was so wrong.

But mama you never heard the lyrics

Because you would choose the silences of my song

About laughing noises that you think don’t belong.

Mama, I hope that one day you find relief from yourself

When you come to see the love that I learned to give myself

You would hear the words that I once tried to rehearse.

Mom, I’m going to stop biting my tongue because I’m strong

My heart will cry for the last time for all the evils

When I start to unravel the past it hurts in my song.

Mama, they gon ‘learn every word in my melody

When my eyes are done crying for the last time and I’m gone

The world will memorize the lyrics of my song.

Mama, one day you wish you could get out of my old silence

When you hear the echoes of my melody in the distant sirens

Because I finally learned to reveal and sing my new song. ”

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