Is online radio the best way to break into the business and make a name for yourself?

The other day, I was talking to the manager of a radio station, as I had come to meet with him about making a possible business innovation radio show, and I had a good “in” because I knew the owner of the station. . When we started talking, I realized that there really aren’t many options for someone who wants to start a new radio show. There’s a lot of competition, fewer and fewer radio stations, and everyone’s concentrating on the most lucrative markets, not the sub-formats that may or may not have been decent options before the internet, social media, and cable TV, which takes a huge amount of time for the average consumer.

Of course, if someone builds a name for themselves and is already a star personality, then they might find themselves with a decent radio gig for a talk show. Many of the best radio sports for talk radio are syndicated, and as radio stations try to cut costs, just like newspapers and magazines, they are more likely to let a syndication work on their airwaves because it counts too. with decent national advertisers. The radio station needs to make money, and they need to go with what works, trying new things is dangerous, especially for a radio station that is just trying to keep its head above water and stay in the black.

In any case, the offer they made me was not that good, but I would be new to radio and therefore offering me the world and a contract without guarantees is too much commercial risk. There are other options, and it has been said that online radio is actually a better way to reach people because people these days always have a mobile device with them and they can listen to the radio broadcast, just by loading an app on one of the online radio stations. websites

Also, if you’re in a subtopic niche, you can gather listeners from all over the country and the world, not just your local area, which means you could have a dynamic set of listeners pretty quickly, that is, if you were right , and developed a fast following, and allowed your notoriety to go viral with friends of friends on social media.

So is online radio the best way to break into the business? Is it the best way to develop a name for yourself, even if you don’t have years of radio experience? Face it, you have to get the experience from somewhere, and online radio is probably much better simply because it has a longer shelf life. People can listen to it anytime in the future, they can download every episode, and you can tag what you were talking about so it’s available through keywords and search.

So yes, online radio has its advantages and I thought you should know about it. Please consider all this and think about it.

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