Internet fax: once there were fax machines

Fax technology was invented in 1948, long before mobile phones and e-mail. Is this old communication technology still alive? Well not really. In reality, it is slowly dying. Find out all about Internet faxing, the new metamorphosis of old fax technology in the next few minutes.

Until now, you had to have a special machine, a fax machine, that was only made to send and receive faxes. Now, using Internet faxing or as some call it email faxing, you don’t need a special device to send faxes – you can send and receive faxes through your email.

In fact, think of all the things you needed to maintain and pay for in order to send and receive faxes: a special fax line, paper, ink cartridges, etc. With Internet faxing, you don’t need anything other than an Internet connection.

Another great advantage of using Internet faxing is its transparency. All of your business partners will continue to fax you to one fax number. In fact, you can choose a toll-free number as your virtual fax number.

The biggest advantage of Internet faxing is the ability to manage your time more efficiently. I remember my secretary wandering between her office and the fax machine half a dozen times to receive a single fax. Not anymore, now I receive my faxes through the email service without wasting time. Now it manages to do more tasks when the search for faxes has stopped.

More than that, you can check whether new faxes have been received from anywhere in the world using the Internet fax service. Just log into your webmail service and check for new emails. You’ll save a lot of valuable time by responding much faster to any new faxes you receive. Recently, I started reading new faxes using my wireless PDA. I can’t believe a year ago I was still using the great fax machine with all its downsides.

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