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Impotence: an overview

Impotence is a common problem among men and can be characterized as a constant inability to maintain or sustain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse or an inability to achieve ejaculation. Impotence can vary from man to man. In other words, a total inability to achieve an erection or ejaculation, inconsistent competition to do so, and a tendency to maintain an erection for less time can be defined as impotence.

The risk of impotence is high with age. According to a research study, it is higher in 60-year-old men compared to 40-year-old men. Men with less education are also said to experience more impotence. There are numerous reasons behind this, such as having a less healthy lifestyle, eating a less healthy diet, exercising less. The causes of impotence that it incorporates are listed below.

• High cholesterol

• Heart disease

• Metabolic syndrome

• Obesity

• Peyronie’s disease

• Parkinson’s disease

• Substance abuse

• Insomnia or sleep disorder

• Relationship problems

• Blood vessel disease, such as peripheral vascular disease

• Hormonal imbalance

• Systemic disease

The causes of impotence in men with age groups can be classified into three categories which are as follows.

1. Young men: anxiety is one of the most common causes of impotence in young men. It can include concerns about someone getting pregnant, not wanting to be inexperienced, and worrying about losing an erection while putting a condom on the penis.

2. Middle-aged men: The reasons behind the impotence of middle-aged men can include stress, guilt, and having sex with a new partner.

3. Elderly Men: Although, the analysis shows that between 65% and 70% of men over the age of 70 are sexually active, but the risk of impotence is high with age as you get older. This can be associated with the malfunction of the blood vessels that carry blood to the penis and also with the malfunction of the arteries of the heart or brain. Both men and women can have problems that have an impact on their sex life, such as loss of libido or the inability to maintain an erection, premature ejaculation problems, etc. There are numerous reasons why men can experience sexual problems.

If you are having trouble maintaining an erection or have difficulty ejaculating, then it is an embarrassing situation. But you are not the only one who feels this problem, there are many men who have the same problem and research shows that two and a half million men have some type of sexual dysfunction at some point. However, it is not something you want to discuss with your closest friends, but it is more essential that you get some suggestions if you are concerned. Also, the physical and psychological reasons for impotence can be explained as mentioned below.

1. Physical reasons: The following are the physical reasons for impotence.

• The side effects of medications (especially blood pressure medications and


• Infection or disease

• Diabetes

• Excessive alcohol intake and smoking

• Obesity or overweight

• Malfunction of the arteries, especially in older men with high blood pressure.

2. Psychological reasons: The psychological reasons for impotence are as follows.

• Stress (can be related to sex and other parts of life)

• Preoccupation with sexual intercourse

• Depression and tiredness

• Restlessness

• Feeling of guilt regarding sexual performance

In my opinion, most physical and psychological reasons for impotence are non-permanent. They can disappear as quickly as they arise. However, if something is bothering both you and your partner, then you can seek medical treatment and many men have admitted that after treatment, their life has been completely transformed.

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