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Granite splatter

When designing or remodeling your kitchen, your backsplash is just as important as your countertops as it can help minimize spills and splashes, while improving the overall look of your kitchen.

The importance of a backsplash

While a backsplash isn’t just for looks, it can become an important staple for your kitchen. Whether it’s around your sink or around your entire kitchen, backsplashes can offer a layer of protection that homeowners don’t always think of. Behind the sink or behind the stove, backsplashes can take a beating from spills and stains that will be easily cleaned. Since granite is virtually non-porous and antibacterial when sealed, a granite backsplash prevents water and other liquids from seeping into the wall, staining it and compromising the integrity of the gypsum board. Over time and continued exposure to liquids, plasterboard can weaken and stain, leaving you with a bigger problem. The granite backsplash can help you avoid that. But they can also bring a delicate and interesting decorative touch to your overall design. Granite backsplashes can be both functional and attractive.

Combine or coordinate?

So, thinking of backsplashes? Want to add a backsplash to your existing granite countertops? If you already have the countertops in place, it can be difficult to determine what the backsplash should look like. Do you match the pimples? Can you do the pimples? How about a matching color? Depending on the availability of your original granite, you may have a difficult time matching your countertops exactly. If you know the installer of your countertops, you may be able to hire the same company to install your granite backsplash, so they match perfectly.

However, if you don’t have that information, or maybe you want a unique look, you can coordinate your pimples. No one said your countertops and backsplash have to match precisely. If you are more daring, you may want to add a matching color to give your kitchen a more visual appeal. If your granite countertops are dark, why not try a lighter shade for your backsplash to break up the monotony and create a more open feel. You can invert the colors for a more contemporary look. Either way, you can enhance your overall kitchen design simply by playing with your granite colors.

Before you begin, you should consult a professional granite installation team. They can offer advice on how to combine or coordinate your pimples. It is always best to go with the original installer as they will likely have the same style and color as your original granite, but it may not always be an option. However, a professional installation team can analyze your kitchen’s overall layout and structure and help you determine which granite will meet your needs. They can also customize and install their backsplashes to give you the best possible look.

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