George Foreman Grill Vs Hulk Hogan Grill – Steel Cage Match Review

Every once in a while a product comes along that completely revolutionizes the way people do things and spawns a little cottage industry of its own. That’s kind of what happened with the now famous George Foreman Grill.

Once it was introduced, a whole segment of the population that previously couldn’t grill due to lack of space or just a lack of desire suddenly had at their disposal a great way to experience grilled foods like burgers, dogs steaks, or chops, without the inconvenience of a gas or charcoal grill.

Not to mention the fact that one of the things that people really loved about the early Foreman Grills was that they removed a lot of the unhealthy fat from food and reduced calories and cholesterol.

The Foreman Grill recipe worked great for a while. In fact, there’s hardly anything you can’t cook today that the folks behind Foreman Grill haven’t made an appliance for. But is the Foreman Grill still king of the mountain?

If we introduce, say, an iconic professional wrestler like Hulk Hogan to the ring, could we crown a new champion? could he Hulk Hogan Grill take out the heavyweight champion?

We’ll see…

By the way, in a second I’ll tell you about a site where you can find video reviews and links to the best deals I found on both grills. So make sure you keep an eye out for that. But first, let’s take a look at some of the factors that will help you decide which grill is best for you.

First, if you read just about any review of any of the currently available Foreman grills, you’ll see that they get high marks in just about every area. However, in one they fall flat. And that is in cleaning.

Even glowing reviews will rave about the fact that Foreman grills aren’t incredibly easy to clean. In fact, that’s about the only drawback I’ve been able to find.

Now knowing this, the door is a little open for a competitor to move in and do what Foreman grills do, but to try and do better and eliminate the negatives entirely.

Hulk Hogan’s Grill may not have the Foreman Grill name or brand recognition, but it combines the best of Foreman Grill, while doing its best to get rid of the things people complain about.

Plus, Hulk Hogan’s Grill is comparable to Foreman models in almost every way except one: price.

In fact, you can get a top-of-the-line Hulk Hogan grill for a lot less than the latest George Foreman models.

Don’t get me wrong, both grills are fantastic for what they do, and I don’t think anyone will tell you that you made a stupid decision if you choose either one. But I think you should keep an open mind and do your research, and not just pay for the name.

Pay for the best grill and the best deal.

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