Ferri-iron tablets: why they are the owner’s best friend

Seeing iron in pool water is something no homeowner wants to deal with. However, using the right product, removing iron from pool water can be a breeze and leave little to do for the owner. The best product to remove iron from water is ferri-iron tablets.

These tablets should only be added to pool water, where they will then discolor any part that has been discolored by iron, manganese, or any other mineral. After the stain has been discolored, it will be removed by the filter, as well as by charge neutralization and flocculation. Ferri-iron tablets are extremely safe as they do not contain any toxic ingredients, as some other iron removal products do. They also do not contain caustic materials or chemicals that can corrode the metal or lining of your pool. Ferri-iron tablets are also free of diatomaceous earth, alum, and any other chemicals; they are also completely soluble in water.

One of the best things about ferri-iron tablets, which makes them different from any other iron removal product, is that they do not affect the pH or chlorine levels in swimming pools. With other products, it is usually necessary to lower both levels, as the product will interfere with them and could cause you other major problems, such as metal corroding in and around the pool and its parts. However, because ferri-iron tablets work very closely with your pool filter, it is important that you make sure your filter is on and in proper working condition.

Ferri-iron tablets should be added to the skimmer baskets in the pool, approximately 1 tablet for every 3000 gallons of pool water. When the pool is very large and they have multiple baskets, the tablets should be evenly distributed throughout the baskets. The tablets should be added over a period of several hours, with the filter on all the time. After all the tablets have been used in the water, the filter should be backwashed within 18 to 24 hours after the final treatment.

When there is a large presence of iron in the water, additional treatments of Ferri-Iron tablets may be required. In these cases, the filter should be backwashed within 24 to 48 hours after treatment.

Seeing green water in the pool caused by excess iron can be very alarming to pool owners. But with Ferri-Iron tablets, it doesn’t have to be this way. Drop in some tablets, wait for them to do their job, and then wait until your pool is clean and ready to swim again. Ferri-iron tablets truly is it so A homeowner’s best friend!

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