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Farming gold in WoW can be fun – say goodbye to the monotonous routine of grinding

In World of Warcraft, everything revolves around fun, first and foremost, and many players have not lost sight of this wonderful purpose. The fun shouldn’t be compromised even with the idea of ​​farming gold in WoW. Gold farming guides often fail to state that making money in this MMORPG is not always a dull and boring experience.

WoW players, in general, still want to have fun. Good thing you can tap into their thirst for fun and build yourself an income stream that can promise 20-30 gold coins per day with minimal effort. In fact, farming gold in WoW can be incredibly fun, something that several gold farming guides fail to mention.

The centerpiece of this wonderful strategy is a small meal called Savory Deviate Delight. This delicacy is also a key gold crafting item for many gold farming guides.

It’s not just ordinary cooked food that your toon digests, mind you. Anyone who takes a bite of this devious tasty treat will be transformed into a ninja or a pirate. It’s a great way for players to surprise their virtual friends or party members, good enough to get a little laugh and a lot of fun.

To learn how to cook Salty Deviant Delight, you need to have cooking skills of at least 85, as well as the recipe for the dish. This recipe drops in the wastelands, and can be farmed by any player level 8 or higher (Alliance players on PvP servers may want to level it up a bit more as this recipe can be found in Horde controlled territory) . Or you can just buy one from the AH, if you have a few gold coins to spare.

To make a Savory Deviant Treat, you’ll need Mild Spices (easily available from a Trade Goods Vendor) and Deviant Fish. Devious Fish can also be caught in the Barrens, particularly in the Stagnant Oasis and in the water formation at the beginning of the Wailing Caverns. You would need fishing skills of at least 50.

You can catch 100 stray fish in less than 2 hours! This will be good for 20 stacks of Salty Deviant Delights. But how can this help you farm gold in WoW and in-game expansion sets?

The good news is that you can sell a stack of Tasty Devious Delights on the Auction House for at least 3 Gold! And they sell well! Ask any gold farming guide author and they will quickly tell you that this strategy works!

In 2 hours, you can prepare 20 stacks of salty devious delights. That’s at least 60 gold coins per day for 2 hours of work! Not bad at all, right? Who would have known that farming gold in WoW can be quite easy if one took the culinary route? So start fishing and cooking my friend!

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