Diablo 2 Barbarian Strategies

Every Diablo 2 player has their own strategy. As time goes on, you will see growth in your speed and use of abilities. You will have your own technique, setting and creation to kill monsters and bosses through dangerous and exciting dungeons very soon. But for beginners, it might be helpful to provide some basic strategies.

Get two good one-handed melee weapons of the same type that will be your first set of weapons. These will be your main team. Your second weapon should be a two-handed weapon that deals high damage first and has a lot of stats. Weapons must be of the same class. Spend a lot of credits on this guy’s domain. Your main attack for both one-handed weapons should be frantic. Leap Attack can get you out of the way if they surround you. The main attack must be “crazy” for the second weapons. He carries a good shield with high defense and resistance. Also carry a thrown weapon because some monsters need to be killed with ranged attacks (monsters that are enchanted with fire, enchanted with cold, enchanted with aura (thorns or holy freeze), and enchanted with lightning). You should spend skill points to cast the domain just in case.

The one handed weapon could be the Razor Edge Tomahawk and the Rune Master Ettin ax (with a perfect skull, a perfect emerald, a thul rune, a perfect sapphire). The ranged weapons are the Gimmershred flying ax (which is also pretty good in close combat) and the lacerating wing axe, the two best weapons in the game. They get points for ax mastery and throwing mastery, because the weapons are in the ax class, but they are definitely throwing weapons. Probably the best two-handed weapon is the Hellslayer Decapitator, but Frostwind Champion Ax with a perfect skull is highly recommended, also with two perfect emeralds and an Um rune. Also recommended is a runeword battleaxe, Breath of the Dying, and a rare guard, which adds 54 to all resistances (after putting two perfect diamonds on it) and has a 210 defense, among other stats.

These are great weapons for barbarian strategy. A good sword is The Grandfather Colossus Blade (600+ max damage) and useful maces are The Cranium Basher Thunder Maul (600+ max damage) and Earth Shifter Thunder Maul (700+ max damage), although in is actually a mace druid. Another good shield is The Ward Gothic Shield, or an Ancient Runeword Promise on an Exotic or Elite shield.

There are more Diablo 2 strategies available. I hope this article helps you along the way.

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