Amazon Echo Show 2nd Gen Review

The Amazon Echo Show 2nd Generation was brought into the world, delivering even better sound and better looks. The Echo Show was one of those devices that, when it was first released, not everyone was sure what it offered. After all, he was up against some of the biggest names in video calling, like the Google Assistant. However, the first generation Amazon Echo Show did what many would say would be fine. It was useful to have it in the kitchen when I was cooking to look up recipes, and that was it. But, with the second generation they have learned from the mistakes of the past and make the second generation something that is capturing people’s attention.

The characteristics

The Amazon Echo Show 2nd Generation is improving on a decent size and audio that gives it an even better perspective for people than it did when it first came out. Some of the characteristics that people will notice include:

– A 10.1 inch screen

– Full HD 720P screen

– Rear-mounted speaker for visual appeal.

– Available in dark charcoal or light sandstone color

– Adding smart home controls

– Ability to hear your commands from a greater distance than the original Echo

These are just some of the features that are being seen. And we’d like to say that the sound is a huge improvement, and it’s what makes this device one that should be considered by those looking for a tablet-like device that enables smart home integration.

As with a second-gen Amazon Echo Show review, we should note that there may still be some downsides to this device. One of the main ones that can be seen is that the video calls on this device did not receive any updates compared to the latest version. It’s still a bit awkward. However, Amazon is integrating Skype into the device for voice calls, which could put this device ahead of the curb.

In addition, the Echo Show has been integrated with Fire TV Recast, so you can put live TV on the screen while this screen is in your home. Imagine standing in front of the stove looking at a recipe but deciding you’d rather watch the professionals cook this? It could change the way you decide to cook going forward.

The verdict

Looking at the Amazon Echo Show 2nd Generation review, you can see that some definite improvements were made that give it a better performance against the competition. Smart home devices are all the rage, and Amazon did poorly at first. However, the second generation Amazon Echo is a step in the right direction. While it may not have everything the competitors have, it is an excellent starter device that shows potential for those looking to purchase such a device.

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