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3 morning exercises for a muscular back and strong abs using a double-deck bed

If you think you need to train in a gym to have a muscular back, think again. There is always another alternative. And this idea of ​​exercise came about when I bought a double-decker bed recently. You can train your back muscles and abs with this bed. interested in knowing more?

There are 3 exercises you can do on this bed, but make sure your bed frame is strong enough for your weight. I usually do these exercises in the morning, but you can do it on your own time.

1 – Upper abdominal training

You should know how to train your abs by doing sit-ups, right? But instead of doing crunches on the floor, you can do it on your bed. You can start with 50 to 100 repetitions at a time and slowly increase the number of times you can do it.

2 – Lower abdomen workout

For this workout, you need to sit right on the edge of the bottom deck bed. Lean back slightly and lift your legs. The most important point here is to feel that it is the lower abs that lift the legs. Same as the previous exercise. Do it 50 to 100 times per series.

3 – Training your back

Sit in a position where you are sitting on the bottom deck bed and you will be able to grasp the edge of the top deck bed. Once you’ve managed to find a comfortable position, stand up so that your face can almost touch the bed on the top deck. You should feel the muscles in your arms and back being exercised. The impact will be felt primarily in the upper back muscles.

In any training method, consistency is important, especially if you want to have a muscular back. Try it for 1 month and measure the results.

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