100,000 World of Warcraft accounts banned: the end of power leveling

Blizzard just banned 100,000 World of Warcraft game accounts tied to gold farming, gold buying, and power leveling. Many gold-producing companies in China were forced to downsize and raise prices even more than they are now. But what does that mean for us regular gamers and (sometimes) gold buying and power leveling end users?

Being banned after power leveling is more and more frequent. So prevalent, in fact, that almost all accounts of that power level end up being banned within 1-3 months. How does Blizzard find and ban power levelers so easily? Since almost all (if not all) power leveling companies are located in China, Blizzard easily tracks and sends red flags to any account used by a computer in China. There have been many widespread reports of banned power leveling accounts, although companies will not take responsibility for it.

Power leveling companies have been offering ever lower prices for their services, as low as $ 150 from 1 to 60. The problem is, they know your account will be banned and they won’t be held responsible for it. So the problem arises, how does the average person who works hard with little time on their hands get a powerful avatar that will not be banned?

The only sure way to escape detection is to acquire an account from a US player who no longer wants his account. And with the ability to transfer your character to any server, honestly, there is almost no difference than powerleveling.

But with EBay closing virtually all auctions, how do you do that? You could buy accounts on, but the problem is that their prices are astronomically high and they do not go through any process to make sure that the account you buy is not recovered by the original owner. One website that only buys and sells accounts and maintains good security procedures is Warcraft Loot. They allow you to change the email address of your account so that you do not run the risk of having your account removed.

So now you know: power leveling services will soon go down in history once people realize that accounts are banned. The only safe alternative is to buy accounts.

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